Vulture's Eye (Skill ID# 44)
Type: Passive Max Level: 10

Requirements: Owl's Eye Level 3

Required For: Improve Concentration (L1), Double Strafing (L10 Rogue), Falcon Assault (L5 Sniper), True Sight (L10 Sniper).
Effect: Increases range with bows by 1*SkillLV cells and increases HIT by 1 per SkillLV.

Level Description
1 Range and HIT +1
2 Range and HIT +2
3 Range and HIT +3
4 Range and HIT +4
5 Range and HIT +5
6 Range and HIT +6
7 Range and HIT +7
8 Range and HIT +8
9 Range and HIT +9
10 Range and HIT +10


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