Color: Black
Gender: Male
Based on: British Rail Class 08

Diesel is a devious Diesel shunter.

Edward the Blue Engine
Color: Blue
Number: 2
Gender: Male
Based on: Furness Railway K2

Edward is a mixed-traffic engine.

Gordon the Big Express Engine
Color: Blue
Number: 4
Gender: Male
Based on: LNER Gresley Class A1

Gordon is a pompous express engine.

Henry the Green Engine
Color: Green
Number: 3
Gender: Male
Based on: LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0

Henry is a large mixed-traffic engine.

James the Red Engine
Color: Red
Number: 5
Gender: Male
Based on: L&YR Class 28

James is a vain mixed-traffic engine.

Percy the Small Engine
Color: Green
Number: 6
Gender: Male
Based on: GWR 0-4-0ST

Percy is a cheeky saddletank engine.

Color: Pink
Gender: Female
Based on: SR USA class

Rosie is a tank engine who idolizes Thomas.

Color: Silver
Gender: Male
Based on: LNER Class A4

Spencer is a sleek engine privately owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.

Thomas the Tank Engine
Color: Blue
Number: 1
Gender: Male
Based on: LB&SCR E2 class

Thomas is a cheeky tank engine.

Toby the Tram Engine
Color: Brown
Number: 7
Gender: Male
Based on: GER Class C53
Toby is a steam tram.

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