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Thief Job Quest - To get started:

  • Credits to RMS*

Talk to Thief Guide at moc_prydb1 39, 129 beware of Familiars along the way! They can kill you if you are mobbed by 3 or more Familiars. So make your way with a stronger player.

How to make your way to Morocc Pyramid?

In Morroc Town, exit at the top left corner of the map to get to Morroc Ruins. From there, go to top left again to get into the Pyramid Dungeon, walk to the center of the map, go downstair and go into the room at the left to sign up to the Morroc Thief Test.

Requirements: You must be a novice at job level 10 in order to start the quest.

After you've talked to Thief Guide make your way to moc_ruins 141, 125.

You have to talk to Boogey Man to get warped to Shibu's Farm.

There are 2 kinds of mushrooms on the farm that you can collect, Orange Net Mushrooms and Orange Gooey Mushrooms.

1 Orange Net Mushroom = 3 points
1 Orange Gooey Mushroom = 1 point

You need at least 25 points to pass the test. When you collected enough, you have to go back to the Thief Guide and talk to Test Grader Comrade Brad.

Notice you have to die in order to get out of the farm. Tips: You may want to take off your weapon to attack faster.

Go back to moc_prydb1 then talk to Comrade Brad then he will see if you have enough points to pass the test depending on how many mushrooms you collected. If you pass, he will change you to a thief. He will also give you a little reward for stealing the mushrooms when you pass the test.


IGN : -Eremes Guile-

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