Ragnarok Swordsman Job Change Quest Level Requirements

  • Job level 10

Ragnarok Swordsman Job Change Quest Reward

  • Change to Swordsman

Ragnarok Swordsman Job Change Quest Ragnarok Guide Tip

The Ragnarok Swordsman Job Change Quest is just easy. You have to pass three stages within 10 minutes which I think is already enough for you to finish all the maps. Just take one steps at a time and be wary of the terrain. Don’t ever fall and be careful on where you point your mouse

Ragnarok Swordsman Job Change Quest

1. Go the Swordsman Guide in izlude. Talk to the Swordsman inside and register for the swordsman job change quest.

2. After you register, talk to the swordsman on the left side and he’ll warped you into another room.

3. Talk once more to a swordwoman behind the desk and she’ll brief you about the swordsman job change quest

4. Talk to test hall staff when you are ready to take the exam.

5. You need to cross three course to pass the job change quest. Just walk straight until you reached the exit portal. If you fall, you have to start at the beginning. Do not step on the holes or you are going to fail.

6. If you succeed, speak to the large Swordman in the main room and he’ll change you into a swordsman.

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