Rapid Smiting/Shield Chain/ RS - rapidly hits a enemy five times with a shield while in battle. STR greatly affects the damage of the skill, DEX gives minor damage affect of Rapid Smiting. The damage can exceed up to 20,000 damage when equipped with heavy shields and high strength.


Strength: (90-99) Greatly effects the damage of the skill.

Vitality: (90-99) Increases the HP pool of the player (increases the survival rate).

Dexterity: (70-80) Adds a chance to succesfully hit an enemy with this skill such as; Assassins and Rogues which has high flee rate.

Rapid Smiting

Level 1 - 30% damage, 20+ success

Level 2 - 60% damage, 20+ success

Level 3 - 90% damage, 20+ success

Level 4 - 120% damage, 20+ success

Level 5 - 150% damage, 20+ success

Range: 5 cells

'SP cost:' 23 + 3

Casting Time: 1 seconds

Target: Enemy


Cross Shield is recommended for this build because other shields does not add damage percent in using this skill, it increases the damage of Shield Boomerang and Rapid Smiting by 30%, increases SP consumption by 10% (Shield weights also increases the damage of Shield Boomerang and Rapid Smiting).

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