Lk pierce
Type: Offensive
Classes: Knight
Level: 10
SP Cost: 7
Cast Delay: ASPD Dependent
Target: Single Enemy Target
Prerequisites: Spear Mastery Level 1

Strikes a single foe. User must be equipped with a Spear-class weapon. Deals multiple strikes depending on the enemy's size:

  • 1 hit on Small foes
  • 2 hits on Medium foes
  • 3 hits on Large foes

Each skill level adds an ATK bonus of 10% per hit and 5% accuracy.

Level Damage
1 110%
2 120%
3 130%
4 140%
5 150%
6 160%
7 170%
8 180%
9 190%
10 200%


  • Players are counted as Medium-sized; except for babies, who are Small.
  • For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to always use it against Large foes (e.g. Anubis, Thanatos Odium, Kasa)

There are also certain skills and items that affects/enhances this skill:

  • Ahlspeiss (Ignore defense of target, Autocast Pierce Lv.5)

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