Type: Supportive
Classes: Lord Knight
Level: 10 (Variable)
SP Cost: 50
Cast Delay: ASPD Based
Target: Self
Prerequisites: (Swordsman) Provoke Lv. 5, Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 10, (Knight) Two-Hand Quicken Lv. 3

Block an attack from an enemy using a Two-Handed Sword. When successful, the caster can dodge one attack from the enemy and at the same time, one attack from the caster will be cancelled.

Level Chance (%) Duration
1 23% 15 seconds
2 26% 20 seconds
3 29% 25 seconds
4 32% 30 seconds
5 35% 35 seconds
6 38% 40 seconds
7 41% 45 seconds
8 44% 50 seconds
9 47% 55 seconds
1 50% 60 seconds


  • This works only with Two-Handed Swords. Skill fails when a player uses it with other weapon types.
  • This skill has the potential to block skills, such as Extremity Fist.
  • Casting a skill when Parry is triggered will cause casting interruption.

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