Job Base: None
Job Type: Base
Job Change: Training Grounds
Job Levels: 10
Job Bonuses:
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0

"I want to fight tougher monsters!"

The Novice is the starting point of all characters in Ragnarok. When creating a new character, you may choose from different hairstyles and hair colors. The novices can also choose their starting stats.

Novices are first placed on the Novice Training Grounds, where they will be taught of the basics. The Training Grounds also provides monster to help a novice to level. Once they reached level 10, they can change to any of these classes:

They can also choose from these expanded classes:

Training Grounds Edit

[Warning: This information came from iRO (international Ragnarok Online), some might not be the same to pRO, but if it's the same, even better!]

A list of steps to help in leveling in the Training Grounds.

  1. Talk to the very first NPC twice next to where you spawn.
  2. Talk to the guard inside the building, choose Apply for training ground.
  3. Talk to the Crusader, choose the first options until levels are gained.
  4. Talk to the Blacksmith. If asked to use Novice Potion, use it for +1 base level. If Novice Slipper, equip it for +1 base level.
  5. Talk to the Kafra. Only read the first two options for levels.
  6. Talk to the monk.
  7. Talk to the NPC in the left in combat room.
  8. Talk to the NPC in the right in combat room.
  9. In the training field, talk to the first NPC and choose "I want to fight tougher monsters!", then proceed to die to a random monster (probably like a suicide).
  10. Talk to the NPC in the right in the combat room again to gain +1 base level.
  11. Kill spores to gain level 11/10.
  12. Take the Novice Personality Quiz to determine a job for you. If the results are not what you expect, you can still choose "choose my own". Rewards given are based on the result.

Skills Edit

Nv basic Basic Skill

These skills recquire a quest for you to get them:

Nv aid First Aid

Nv playdead Play Dead

See Also Edit

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