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Here is a list of Operating Systems and their compatibility with Ragnarok Online.

Microsoft-based Operating SystemsEdit

As Ragnarok Online is designed to work on Microsoft Windows platform, normally it should operate out of the box. Sometimes, with new iterations and technologies, some few tricks may be needed for it to run correctly.

Windows 98/98se: WORKING
Windows 2000 Pro/Server: WORKING
Windows XP (32bit All Editions including Starter, all service packs): WORKING
Windows Server 2003 (32bit All editions, all service packs): WORKING
Windows XP (64bit All Editions including Starter, all service packs): UNKNOWN
Windows Server 2003 (64bit All editions, all service packs): UNKNOWN
Windows Vista (32bit All Editions, all service packs): WORKING, may require "Run As Administrator" parameters.
Windows 7: UNKNOWN, may require "Run As Administrator" parameters.

Common Remedies for Windows Vista (and theoretically Windows 7)Edit

There are reported problems of Ragnarok Online not being able to run in Windows Vista. Here are some common remedies that can help in getting Ragnarok Online to run.

  1. Always update your system drivers, especially drivers for chipset, graphics and sound.
  2. Turn off User Account Control.
  3. Run Ragnarok Online as an Administrator. To do this, right-click your Ragnarok Online shortcut and click "Run As Administrator." You may need to provide the Administrator password.
  4. Update your Windows Vista (works for all editions) to currently, as of this writing, SP1.
  5. Make it a habit to run Windows Update. Windows Update also includes Application Compatibility parameters for games reported to crash in Windows Vista.
  6. Make sure to acquire anti-virus software, and that no unwanted programs like spyware and malware are running.

UNIX-based Operating SystemsEdit

All Unix-based operating systems such as Linux, Redhat, Fedora and others may need additional software like Cedega or WINE. Be warned that it may cause Gameguard to malfunction, and the game will not operate without Gameguard. As such, the operating status of Ragnarok Online in a UNIX-based OS is UNKNOWN.

Bootcamp in Mac OSEdit

This has not been tried yet, hence its status is UNKNOWN.

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