Izlude Satellite City of Prontera

Izlude is the satellite city of Prontera. It is home to the Swordsman association. By the north of the town is the Izlude Arena. Izlude also allows travelling to Juno and Rachel by the use of an airship. It is one of the earliest locations in Ragnarok.


Izlude is found by southeast of Prontera. It is built on an island. It is covered by water by east and land by west, which is Prontera Field.

The map of Izlude is shown below. Red dots mark the entrance to other areas.



  • Byalan Island (Undersea Tunnel)
  • Izlude Arena




The place where those who wish to become Swordsmen gather to train. There is a ferry which takes you to Alberta, and an express ship which takes adventurers to the underwater dungeons, Byalan Island. King Tristan III built the Izlude Arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, many skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents and have their names listed in the arena's Hall of Fame.


Izlude ArenaEdit

Izlude Arena

The Izlude Arena

The Izlude Arena is found north of Izlude. It is a minigame in Ragnarok Online, a time attack battle arena.

The Izlude Arena has three modes:

  • Individual mode places the player against a set list of monsters.
  • Party mode places a five-person party against a set list of monsters.
  • Personal mode is only available for Acolytes and Priests. The player is placed against a set list of monsters which can be killed using Acolyte and Priest skills. Most of the monsters are of the Undead element.

In all modes, the players are given an objective upon entering a room which they must accomplish in order to proceed to the next room. There are times that recquires defeating all monsters to advance; sometimes defeating only a few is asked for. There are also cases when the player only needs to run to the exit on the other side of the room.

Experience is not awarded for successfully defeating monsters in the Arena and most Arena monsters do not drop items either. Note, however, that experience is not lost if one dies in the Arena.

For more information, see iROWiki

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