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Improve Concentration (Skill ID# 45) kRO Name: Attention Concentrate
Type: Active Max Level: 10
Requirements: Vulture's Eye Level 1
Required For: Detecting (L1), Wind Walk (L9 Sniper), True Sight (L10 Sniper), Sharp Shooting (L10 Sniper), Moonlit Water Mill (L5 Clown/Gypsy), Marionette Control (L10 Clown & Gypsy), Wand of Hermode (L10 Clown & Gypsy), Tarot Card of Fate (L10 Clown & Gypsy).
SP Cost: 20 + 5*SkillLV
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: 40 + 20*SkillLV sec
Effect: Increases DEX and AGI of the casting character by 2% + 1%*SkillLV. Only affects DEX/AGI from base stat, job bonus, armor and Owl's Eye. Does not include cards. Detects hidden and cloaked characters within a 3 cells range.

Level Description
1 + 3% AGI/DEX
2 + 4% AGI/DEX
3 + 5% AGI/DEX
4 + 6% AGI/DEX
5 + 7% AGI/DEX
6 + 8% AGI/DEX
7 + 9% AGI/DEX
8 + 10% AGI/DEX
9 + 11% AGI/DEX
10 + 12% AGI/DEX

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