Geffen The City of Magic

Geffen is the city of magic. It is home to the Mage and Wizard guilds. The most prominent feature in the city is the looming Geffen Tower, in the middle of the town. The Blacksmith guild was formerly found on Geffen but was moved to Einbroch. This is one of the original places in Ragnarok.

In the fields of Geffen is the Britoniah guild that is used for the War of Emperium.


Geffen is found on the west side of the Mt. Mjolnir range. Like Prontera, it is covered by green fields. By the northeast of Geffen is Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit, by south is the Orc Village, and further west is Glast Heim, also known as Forbidden City and was believed as where gods stayed.

The map of Geffen is shown below. Red dots mark the entrance to other areas.



  • Orc Dungeon
  • Geffenia
  • Geffen Tower Dungeon
  • Glast Heim
Main article: Glast Heim
  • Britoniah
  • Britoniah Guild Dungeon


Below is the map of Geffen and its surrounding fields.

Glast Heim
Geffen fld06
Geffen fld05
Geffen fld04
Geffen fld08
Geffen fld07
Geffen fld00
Geffen fld12
Geffen fld09
Geffen fld01
Geffen fld14
Geffen fld10
Geffen fld03
Geffen fld02
Geffen fld11




Geffen is located on the west side of the Mt. Mjolnir range. Word has it that the city was built by great Wizards of the past as they believed and in magic. The Wizard Magic Academy is located at the center and the Mage Guild is located on the outskirts of the city. It is an ideal place to gather all different sorts of magic equipment. Even until now, the city's lights are always on as there are many who research and develop more magic. It is also near the Glast Heim Castle where it is said to have housed gods a long time ago.


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