Full Strip
Full Strip
Full Strip
Type: Active
Classes: Stalker
Level: 5
SP Cost: 20+2*SkillLV sec
Cast Delay: 1 sec
Target: Single Enemy
Prerequisites: Stalker, Strip Armor Lv.5, Strip Helm Lv.5, Strip Shield Lv.5, Strip Weapon Lv.5


Casts Strip Armor, Strip Helm, Strip Shield and Strip Weapon simultaneously.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Shows animation on success.
  • Can be used on monsters.
  • Can be used on Boss-type monsters.
  • Fails when used on a player with Full Chemical Protection

Level Description
1 7% Chance
2 9% Chance
3 11% Chance
4 13% Chance
5 15% Chance

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