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Philippine Ragnarok Online has been divided into major patch updates that are more known as "Episodes". Here is a list of the episodes.

  • Episode I: The Start of the Adventure
  • Episode II: Glast Heim
  • Episode III: Al De Baran
  • Episode IV: Comodo
  • Episode V: Juno
  • Episode VI: Amatsu and Kunlun
  • Episode VII: Umbala and Nifflheim
  • Episode VIII: Louyang
  • Episode IX: Ayothaya (Path to Heritage)
  • Episode X: Heritage
  • Episode XI: Einbroch, City of Steel
  • Episode XII: Lighthalzen
  • Episode XIII: Noghaltz
  • Episode XIV: Hugel
  • Episode XV: Rachel, Capital City of Arunafeltz
  • Episode XVI: Veins
  • Episode XVII: Nameless
  • Episode XVIII: The Demise of Morroc
  • Episode XIX: Ash Vacuum
  • Episode XX: Into the Unknown (Path to Renewal)
  • Episode XXI: Brasilis
  • Episode XXII: Renewal, Dawn of the Enlightened Ones
  • Episode XXIII: Dewata
  • Episode XXIV: El Dicastes
  • Episode XXV: Port Malaya
  • Episode XXVI: Revolution
  • Episode XXVII: Bifrost
    • Episode XXVII.2: Malangdo Island
  • Episode XXVIII: Halls of the Abyss
  • Episode XXIX: Eclage

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