Create Deadly Poison
Create Deadly Poison
Type: Active Skill
Classes: Assassin Cross
Level: 1
SP Cost: 50
Cast Delay: {{{castdelay}}}
Target: Self
Prerequisites: Lvl.10 Envenom, Lvl.1 Detoxify, Lvl.5 Enchant Poison

A skill used to create one Poison Bottle. DEX and LUK affects brewing success rate. 20% of maximum HP is lost once the skill fails.

Materials Needed Edit

  • Bee Sting
  • Berserk Potion
  • Cactus Needle
  • Empty Bottle
  • Karvodailnirol
  • Poison Spore
  • Venom Canine

Brewing Formula Edit

Success Rate = Base Rate (assumed to be 20%) + [(Base Rate * DEX/50) + (Base Rate * LUK/100)]

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