Ragnarok Online is a unique and fun online MMORPG. But its kind of hard when certain terms are not known to the Player. Here are some of the common terms used in pRO.

Terms and LingosEdit

Asp - Aspersio

Blind - A supporter (commonly a High Priest) that buffs and heals a Licher

Thorz - A common liching spot filled with Fire-type monsters such as Kasas

Lich - A player who parties and share's exp with a player. Normally demands supplies and a buffer.

G - Guardian

GS - Guardstone / Gunslinger

Woe - War of Emperium

FS -Full Support

MG - Main gauche / Magestic Goat

ROFL - Ring of Flame Lord (Roll on the Floor Laughing)

BG - Battle Grounds

DC - Disconnected / Discount

EM - Emergency Maintenance

CHP - Champ

SNX - Assassin Cross

LBO - Leave Best Offer

S> - Selling

B> - Buying

hwiz - High wizard

IP - Ice Pick

LBH - Large Baphomet Horns

But - Boots (or any other kind of Shoes)

OS - Orleans Server

Drobe/Dbuts/Darmor - Diablous Boots/ Robe/ Armor

Crt - Critical

Lex - Pertains to either of the Lex skills of the Priest normally to disable and panic foes

PT - Party

BOG - Box of Gloom

(N)OG - Nimble Orleans Gloves

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