Kn brandishspear
Brandish Spear
Brandish Spear
Type: Offensive
Classes: Knight
Level: 10
SP Cost: 12
Cast Delay: 1 second (can be reduced by DEX)
Target: Area of Effect
Prerequisites: (Knight)Spear Stab Lv. 3, Peco Peco Ride Lv. 1

This skill can only be used when mounted on a Pecopeco and wielding a Spear-class weapon. This allows the Knight to attack many opponents within the area of this skill's effect.

Level Damage
1 150%
2 200%
3 250%
4 300%
5 350%
6 400%
7 450%
8 500%
9 550%
10 600%


  • Requires a targeted enemy to determine direction, but the area of effect is based on the position of the player.
  • Knock-back effect does not apply for War of Emperium.
  • The player's weapon cannot be stripped off while casting.
  • Status ailments are carried over to this skill.

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