Sing a hymn that has a regularly recurring chance of causing a random negative status effect on each enemy within range, as well as a regularly recurring chance of causing a random positive status effect for each party member in range. The caster's HP and SP are slowly drained while Battle Hymn is active. When a Paladin uses Battle Hymn, all positive and negative status effects and buffs are removed from them. Critical Wounds & Slow Casting status effects cannot be removed with Battle Hymn.

  • When a Paladin is performing Battle Hymn and is successfully dispelled by a Sage or Professor , the chanting stops.
  • Land Protector and Battle Hymn does not stack like a Bard's song, and will cancel the tiles with the Battle Hymn effect.
  • The caster will still be immobile until the entire Battle Hymn duration finishes, or if Battle Hymn is manually canceled.
  • Remove Strip Status on the caster.
Level SP Cost Effect Chance HP/SP Reduction per 10 secs
1 80 55% 30 HP/20 SP
2 80 60% 30 HP/20 SP
3 80 65% 30 HP/20 SP
4 80 70% 30 HP/20 SP
5 80 75% 30 HP/20 SP
6 100 80% 45 HP/35 SP
7 100 85% 45 HP/35 SP
8 100 90% 45 HP/35 SP
9 100 95% 45 HP/35 SP
10 100 100% 45 HP/35 SP

List of Effects Edit

Foe Edit

Negative effects apply to monsters, and opposing players in PvP enviroment. It does not effect players outside of the caster's party in PvM enviroment.

  • 1-9999 DMG, Neutral Element. Ignores flee, Defense and Kyrie Eleison
  • Reduce DEF to 0
  • Reduce ATK to 0
  • Reduce FLEE to 0
  • Reduce ASPD and Movement Speed by 75%
  • Provoke Lv.10
  • Inflict the Curse status. Can still be cured.
  • Inflict the Blind status. Can still be cured.
  • Inflict the Poison status. Can still be cured.

Party Edit

  • 1-9999 HP Heal
  • +20 to all stats
  • Double Maximum HP
  • Double Maximum SP
  • Increases Armor DEF by 25%. (10 sec.)
  • Doubles ATK
  • Increases FLEE and HIT by 50
  • Remove all abnormal status effects (Curse, Blind, Strip, etc.)
  • Grants immunity against status ailments (Status Effects)
  • Blessing Lv.10
  • Increase AGI Lv.10
  • Enchants Weapon with Holy Element
  • Enchants Armor with Holy Element

Skill Tree Edit

  • Divine Protection [Level 3] ---> Demon Bane [Level 5]
  • Faith [Level 8]

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