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Sm bash
Type: Offensive
Classes: Swordsman, Super Novice
Level: 10(Variable)
SP Cost: 8/15
Cast Delay: ASPD Dependent
Target: Single Enemy Target
Prerequisites: N/A

This basic but powerful offensive attack is the forte of every Swordsman and can be used with any weapon.

Level SP Cost ATK Power +HIT Bonus
1 8 130% +5%
2 8 160% +10%
3 8 190% +15%
4 8 220% +20%
5 8 250% +25%
6 15 280% +30%
7 15 310% +35%
8 15 340% +40%
9 15 370% +45%
10 15 400% +50%


  • The HIT Bonus is added to your hit rate as a multiplier of your hit rate (for example, your chance to hit a monster with a leve l 10 Bash is multiplied by 1.5x or 150%).
  • The SP Cost from level 1 to 5 is the same, so it is advisable to level it and use it at 5 instead of at 1. Level 6 to 10 have the same SP Cost at 15, and the chance to inflict Stun with Fatal Blow also increases per level so it should also be used at 10.

There are also certain skills and items that affects/enhances this skill:

  • Fatal Blow
  • Iron Wrist (Accessory, increases Bash and Mammonite Damage by 6%)
  • Cutluss (One-handed sword, allows the use of level 5 Bash)
  • Bongun Card (Accesory Card, auto-casts level 1 Bash that also pushes back the enemy)

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