Job Base: Thief
Job Type: 2-1 Job
Job Change: Morroc
Job Levels: 50
Job Bonuses:
+6 +10 +2 +4 +8 +0

"You won't see me coming, 'till I strike."

Alright, this is the blank page, ready for you to edit for this job. If you need any help, go the Job Template Example page so that you have an idea of what you are going to do.

Jobchange Guide Edit

See: Class Job Quest


To encourage players to make their own build, no specific values for each stat would be given. On the other hand, the importance of each stat for a build would be indicated by the numbers of * assigned to it, with *** being the most important and * being the least important. At the same time, only offensive skills are listed under each build type.

Critical BuildEdit

Critical builds use Katar-type weapons as their primary weapons due to the fact that these weapons double the base crit rate of the character wearing it. Since critical attdcvore flee and DEF, these builds need to have high ASPD and crit rate to maximize their damage-per-second. Critical builds are classified into two types, wherein the difference lies on where they depend on for their crit rate.

Equip-Critical Build Edit

Even though it is a critical build, this build doesn't put that much importance on LUK because it relies on crit-increasing cards, equipments and consumables to increase its crit rate. That way, AGI and STR could be raised for more ASPD and damage, respectively.

  • STR: **/***
  • AGI: ***
  • INT: *
  • VIT: **
  • DEX: **
  • LUK: */**

Primary Skills:

Natural Critical Build Edit

This build raises its LUK to a decent amount so it doesn't rely too much crit-increasing cards and equipments. Due to this, the player could use damage-increasing cards and equipments for additional damage per hit, leading to higher damage-per-second.

  • STR: ***
  • AGI: ***
  • INT: *
  • VIT: **
  • DEX: **
  • LUK: **/***

Primary Skills:

Dual Dagger Build Edit

Considered as the most versatile of all builds and the fastest build to level, this build focuses on hitting hard so STR is given top priority. Since it doesn't hit that fast because of the ASPD penalty when dual-wielding and its moderate AGI, it needs to have decent hit rate so DEX is raised considerably.

  • STR: ***
  • AGI: **
  • INT: *
  • VIT: **
  • DEX: ***
  • LUK: *

Primary Skills:

Hybrid Hit-Lock Build Edit

Even though the build is quite similar to that of a DD build, they have two main differences. First, hybrid hit-lock builds focus on hitting fast and consistent rather than hitting hard so AGI and DEX are given more importance than STR. Second, katar-type weapons compounded with a sidewinder card is the weapon of choice for hybrid-hitlock builds.

  • STR: **
  • AGI: ***
  • INT: *
  • VIT: **
  • DEX: ***
  • LUK: *

Primary Skills:

Pure Sonic Blow Build Edit

This build primarily relies on Sonic Blow to take down its targets so STR, for high damage, and DEX, for high hit rate, are the most important stats for this build. Since this is the most difficult build to level, players have the choice of raising AGI for leveling while dual-wielding.

  • STR: ***
  • AGI: *
  • INT: *
  • VIT: **
  • DEX: ***
  • LUK: *

Primary Skills:

Secondary Skills:



See Thief Skills for a list of first job skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cloaking Cloaking
Disappear instantly and still move. Unlike Hiding you can be hit by Area spells. 10 Active
Enchant Poison Enchant Poison
Enchants weapon with Poison property. Poisons enemy by chance. 10 Active
Grimtooth Grimtooth
Attack that hits a 3x3 area with a range of 7 cells. Can only be used while Hiding. 5 Offensive
Katar Mastery Katar Mastery
Increases damage done by Katars. 10 Passive
Lefthand Mastery Left Hand Mastery
Recovers up to 80% of the dual weilding damage penalty for the left hand. 5 Passive
Poison React Poison React
Counters Poison property attack with 400% physical damage. Chance to counter non-poison element with Envenom up to 5 times. 5 Active
Righthand Mastery Right Hand Mastery
Recovers up to 100% of the dual weilding damage penalty for the right hand. 10 Passive
Sonic Blow Sonic Blow
Deals up to 800% damage and 30% chance of stunning the target. 10 Offensive
Venom Dust Venom Dust
Use a Red Gemstone to create a 2x2 Poison cloud for up to 50 seconds. 10 Active
Venom Splasher Venom Splasher
Use a Red Gemstone to turn a target into a "Poison Bomb" to deal up to 1000% damage after the delay. 10 Active

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
Sonic Acceleration Sonic Acceleration
Increases damage and hit rate of Sonic Blow. 1 Passive 40 Sonic Acceleration Quest
Venom Knife Venom Knife
Throws a venom knife at a target and inflict the poison status ailment. 1 Offensive None Venom Knife Quest

Job BonusEdit

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 11 25 27 32 45 48
AGI 1 2 3 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
VIT 6 8
INT 4 14 38 42
DEX 9 24 30 31 40 41 46 50

See AlsoEdit

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