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Arrow Vulcan (Skill ID# 394)
Type: Offensive Max Level: 10
Requirements: Arrow Shower Level 5, Throw Arrow Level 1
SP Cost: 10 + 2*SkillLV
Target: Enemy
Cast Time: 1.8 + 0.2*SkillLV sec After Cast Delay: LV 1-5 0.8 sec, LV 6-10 1 sec
Required Weapon Class: Musical Instrument, Whip
Ammunition Required: 1 Arrow
Effect: Attack a single target with a massive amount of 9 arrows. Musical instrument or whip (currently in IRO only 1 arrow is required to use this skill). Damage is 200%+100*SkillLV% ATK, modified by cards and elements.
Level Description
1 ATK 300%
2 ATK 400%
3 ATK 500%
4 ATK 600%
5 ATK 700%
6 ATK 800%
7 ATK 900%
8 ATK 1000%
9 ATK 1100%
10 ATK 1200%

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